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The Most Helpful Things to Tell Your Wedding Dress Stylist

Your wedding dress appointment will be led by an experienced bridal consultant! Wedding dress stylists are experts in all things bridal, so rest assured you’re in great hands. Your stylist will be in charge of pulling dresses for you to try on throughout the appointment, so it’s important that the two of you have an open line of communication. We’ve consulted our stylists and compiled a list of the most helpful information you can share with your stylist at your wedding dress appointment.


At the beginning of your appointment, you’ll need to share your budget with your consultant. It’s essential that you are as honest as possible during the budget discussion! There are not typically any price tags on the gowns in the store, so the consultant will be bringing you dresses that she knows are within your price range based on what you tell her. It’s crucial that your stylist knows your budget so that she doesn’t pull dresses out of your price range, and risk you falling in love with a dress you can’t afford. Our girls are experts and will be able to find the dress of your dreams within your budget as long as you share it with them!

Highlights & Lowlights

If there’s something that you really love in a wedding dress, let your stylist know! Whether it’s a low back or buttons down the spine, your stylist can’t pull dresses with those details if she doesn’t know that you’re looking for them. For similar reasons, it’s also important to share any dress features that you definitely don’t love. For example, if you aren’t into plunging necklines, that’s important information to share with your stylist so that she can avoid them as she’s pulling gowns.New call-to-action


If you are envisioning a certain gown or silhouette, let your stylist know! When you’re leaning towards a style, you’ll never be able to commit or rule it out until you try it on. If you think you may want a certain look, share it with your consultant so that she knows where to start when picking gowns for you. It’s always helpful to have reference photos as well! If you don’t have a particular vision in mind, no worries! Just let your consultant know what your general style is, and she’ll help you find your perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Details

Information like whether you’re having a destination wedding or implementing a theme can be hugely helpful to your stylist! Things like climate and décor can heavily impact the dress that you end up choosing. If you share unique wedding details with your consultant, she’ll be better equipped to know what styles to gravitate towards or avoid.

Honest Opinions

Since your stylist will be pulling all of the dresses you try on, it’s super important that you communicate with her throughout the appointment. Tell your stylist exactly what you like and dislike along the way so that she can continue pulling dresses that you love. Telling your consultant what you don’t like about dresses will enable her to avoid pulling similar gowns later in the appointment. You won’t hurt your stylist’s feelings by being honest! All they care about is putting you in your dream dress, so let them know what you love!

Be Open!

While this isn’t necessarily something that you tell your stylist, being open to your consultant’s suggestions is something we highly recommend. It’s extremely common for brides to fall in love with gowns that they never imagined themselves in, so don’t be afraid to try on a dress that you weren’t originally envisioning! Our stylists are wedding dress experts and have a pretty good idea of what’s going to look amazing on you. Trust them! You may end up falling in love with a dress you never expected.New call-to-action

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