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Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Celebrate carefree! We'll handle your gown post-wedding.

It’s almost impossible for your gown to stay spotless on your big day. 

Your dress will probably get dirty, especially at the hemline!

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Enjoy your day and let us handle cleaning the gown after the wedding.

Wedding Dress Preservation by Adorn Nashville is the safest, and most convenient method to remove dirt and stains and preserve your wedding dress for a lifetime.

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Our Process

Step One

Choose your Preservation Package

We offer three options to clean and preserve your dress

Step Two

Send In Your Dress

Drop it off at our shop or we’ll send you a box to ship it directly from your home

Step Three

Your Preserved Dress Will be Sent Directly To You

Your dress is restored and its beauty is preserved

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Our Packages

Essential Cleaning

  • Cleaning only
  • Dress only
  • Dress arrives in a cleaning bag with a bust form
  • Minor repairs
  • $500 insurance
Most popular


  • 100 Year Anti-Yellowing Guarantee
  • Cleaning and preserve up to 5 accessories.
  • A master seamstress secures embellishments and addresses other minor fabric issues.
  • Your dress is fully insured
  • Gown is hand pressed (if required)
  • Gown wrapped in acid-free tissue

Preservation + Personalization

  • Everything in Preservation, PLUS:
  • Personalize your kit to include a photo, name and date options so that your future loved ones can not only view your perfectly preserved wedding dress but also see a photo of your perfect day.

We take care of your dress

Delicate but deep cleaning

State-of-the-art museum quality cleaning technology removes deep staining and yellowing from your dress

100 Year Guarantee

100 Year Anti-Yellowing Guarantee: the industry’s longest

Free cleaning and the preservation of up to 5 accessories

Veil, gloves, train, purse, ring pillow, shawl, jacket, garter or handkerchief

All minor fabric issues addressed

A master seamstress will ensure that all embellishments are secure and other minor fabric issues are addressed

Pre-formed bust

A custom pre-formed bust to eliminate fabric folds

Acid-free and PH-neutral

100% acid-free and PH-neutral preservation box

Preservation Packages

Top Reasons To Preserve Your Dress
The best wedding dress preservation service in Nashville, TN
Many brides stress small stains and spills on their wedding day. Free yourself from this needless distraction and protect your wedding dress from becoming a lost memory through our best-in-class wedding dress preservation and wedding dress cleaning service so your wedding day is as fun and magical as it should be.
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First, choose the wedding dress preservation package that is right for you. Next, drop your wedding gown off at our shop or we will send you a box to ship it directly from the convenience of your home. Within four to ten weeks, your cleaned and preserved wedding dress will be sent directly to you.

Our industry leading 100-year guarantee gives you unbeatable protection against stains and yellowing of your wedding dress over time. Our wedding dress preservation service utilizes state-of-the-art museum quality cleaning technology. You can clean and preserve your wedding dress and up to five accessories. Once preserved, your wedding dress will be placed on a pre-formed bust to eliminate any fabric folds and then in an acid-free and PH-neutral preservation box. Our wedding gown cleaning service is the safest, and most convenient method to remove dirt and stains and preserve your wedding dress for a lifetime.

Enjoy your wedding day without worry, protect your wedding dress, and create a cherished keepsake. Choose Adorn Nashville to preserve your wedding dress.