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How You Will Know You’ve Found The Right Wedding Dress

By Adorn Bridal August 1, 2020 Wedding Dresses

You’ve found the person that you want to spend your life with, and now it’s time to pick a gown to marry them in! While you were probably 100% sure about saying yes to spending life with your fiancé, you might be wondering how you’ll ever commit to a wedding dress. We’re here to help!

It might be your Wedding dress if…

Deciding on a wedding dress is arguably the biggest decision you'll make for your wedding. It can be difficult to know if you've found the right one, so here are some tell-tale signs that you've probably found the prefect one. It might be your dress if...

...You don’t want to take it off

This may seem like an obvious indicator but take a minute to think about how you feel in each dress! Are you comfortable? Are you dying to take it off or keep it on? Loving how you feel in your wedding dress is a must, so if you’re dreading taking it off, it just may be the one.

…You can’t get it off your mind

If you’ve tried on several dresses and find yourself comparing every gown to one that you previously tried on, you should probably revisit that dress! If you can’t stop thinking about it during the appointment, or even after you’ve left, that can be a huge indicator that it’s the dress for you. If you originally said no because you weren’t ready to commit, or it wasn’t what you were originally picturing, try it back on! You may find that the reason you couldn’t stop thinking about it was because it was the dress for you all along.

…You’re smiling

Although reality TV shows make it seem like you and your entourage will absolutely cry when you find the perfect dress, that isn’t always true! While many brides find themselves shedding happy tears at their bridal appointments, just as many are all smiles. When you find your dress you may be ecstatic, or it may be a methodical decision, but either way it won’t always translate to tears. If wearing the dress makes you happy, then that’s a sign it’s probably the one, tears or not!

…You're Visualizing your wedding Day

Can you picture yourself walking down the aisle to your partner in the gown? If the answer is yes, then it could be your wedding dress. At the end of the day, the dress that’s going to make you feel bridal, confident, and excited to marry your best friend is the dress for you!

Keep looking for a Wedding Dress If…

Don't settle for a dress you don't absolutely love. If you’ve checked these boxes and still aren’t sure about a gown, here is our advice on how to know that a wedding dress is not the one below. You should keep looking if...

...It’s out of your budget

The #1 mistake you can make while wedding dress shopping is trying on a dress out of your budget. While we highly suggest that you avoid any and all gowns outside of your budget, if you do find yourself in one, it can be problematic. If you’re in a situation where you’re debating which parts of your wedding fund you could cut to afford an out-of-budget dress, that is not the gown for you! Stylists will work with you to find your dream gown within your budget, so if the price is a bad fit, the dress is not your perfect match.

…You’re altering the entire dress

Adding straps, extra tulle, or a belt are all standard alterations commonly made to wedding gowns. You should feel free to alter a wedding dress to make it more your style, however, if you find yourself changing every aspect of the dress it’s probably best to keep looking.

…your family loves it, but you’re on the fence

If you find yourself in a gown that looks amazing and has the approval of your entire entourage, but it isn’t your style at all, then that isn’t the dress for you. You’re a gorgeous woman trying on beautiful dresses, you’re going to look good! While you should keep an open mind on styles and be willing to move out of your comfort zone, at the end of the day your wedding dress should be authentically you. Even if your group loves the gown, if you don’t love it too then it’s time to keep looking.


In short, follow your gut and say yes to the dress that makes you the happiest and most comfortable. Ready to say yes to the dress of your dreams? Make appointments, browse sample gown, and view wedding dress style options here: https://www.adornnashville.com

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