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8 Creative Ways to Propose to Your Bridesmaids



Now that you’ve said yes to your partner, it’s your turn to pop the question with your bridal party. If you aren't able to meet up with your bridesmaids in person, we recommend sending your bridesmaids a little gift with a note in the mail! The more personal the better, and ideally, it’d be something that they can continue to love even after the wedding ends. Check out our suggestions for eight creative ways to ask your best friends to be by your side on your wedding day:

1. Bath Bombs

Treat your girls while asking them to stand by your side! Attach a note to this gift saying “You’re the bomb! Will you be my bridesmaid?”. You can easily DIY this proposal or purchase them premade online. ModParty bath bomb box, $8, Etsy

2. Custom M&Ms

A gift your girls can snack on! Pop the question to your future bridesmaids with custom M&Ms. This adorable treat is sure to be a hit – who doesn’t love chocolate? You can make them even more personalized by adding a photo to the design. These can be a super affordable option with individual packages ranging from $1.59 to $49.99 a piece. Personalize your own M&Ms here.

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3. Brunch Date

Ask your girls to be your bridesmaids over brunch! Set up a buffet of breakfast foods and a mimosa bar, then have your bridal party over to eat and celebrate. This can be done at your house or with a picnic!

4. Succulent

Give your bridal party something that they can have in their homes even after the wedding is over. A small succulent is an extremely low maintenance plant that doubles as a piece of trendy home décor. You can DIY this proposal by picking up succulents from your local plant nursery or order the boxes premade online. For example, this succulent gift box from PlantsofParadiseShop is $23.97+ on Etsy.

5. Bonfire

Invite your girls to roast marshmallows on the beach to commemorate your newly formed bridal party! This allows your group to avoid public establishments while still celebrating with each other in a private setting. This will create the perfect cozy environment for your new bridesmaids to bond!

6. Wine Label

Pop the question using your friends’ favorite wine, champagne, or other beverage! Grab a bottle of each bridesmaid’s favorite drink and wrap it in a customized label. This allows you to easily personalize each girl’s gift while giving them a drink to celebrate the occasion with! Make your own label at home or order them ahead of time. For example, this bridesmaid wine label is $6.30 on Zazzle.

7. Booze Cruise

Ask your friends to be your bridesmaids in style by reserving time on a small booze cruise for your girls! This activity allows your bridal party to gather while staying isolated and safe from other groups. Pop the question and start celebrating right away! The Nashville Party Barge offers discounts for bachelorette parties. Check out their group packages here.

8. Ornament

Having a winter wedding? Asking your bridal party during the holidays? Consider popping the question with an ornament! An ornament will memorialize this memory with something that they can keep on their tree for years to come. DIY ornament kits can be picked up at most craft stores, or you can customize them online. For example, this bridesmaid proposal ornament from ShopPrettyinRose is $13 on Etsy.

These thoughtful bridesmaid proposal ideas are sure to make your girls feel appreciated, loved, and excited to celebrate your marriage! Regardless of how you ask your bridal party to stand by your side, they’ll be delighted that you want to share your wedding day with them.

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