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2021 Bridal Dress Trends

As we get further into 2021, we’re seeing some of our favorite trends rapidly rising in popularity! Want a peek into what this year’s brides are loving? We’ve compiled all of the best 2021 wedding dress trends below:


While this isn’t a wedding dress in itself, the wedding cape is a huge bridal trend in 2021. This veil-alternative offers brides with a chic way to elevate their look. Since they aren’t anchored to the bride’s hair, but rather start behind the shoulders, capes are especially great options for anyone worried about their veils being tugged by the wind during outdoor ceremonies. These accessories are extremely versatile can be removed after the ceremony for convenience at the reception. Many brides are opting for long dramatic capes that trail behind them, similarly to cathedral length veils.

Clean Lines

Minimalist designs have been in style for a while, but potentially due to couples rescheduling or downsizing their weddings, these gowns have skyrocketed in popularity this year. Brides are moving away from over-the-top gowns and gravitating more towards clean lines and crepe materials. These dresses have an elegant simplicity that is timeless and impossible to resist.

Square Necklines

This neckline trend has truly boomed in popularity, both in street and bridal fashion. This trend gives a subtle nod to 90’s style, which is coming back in full force. Brides are loving the way the square necklines frame their collarbones and offer a breath of fresh air from more common designs. These necklines offer a perfect fashion forward touch while still remaining timeless.

Bishop Sleeves

Playing with sleeves has always been a great way for brides to add flair to their gown. Sleeve additions tend to be less about coverage and more about design. In 2021, we’re seeing bishop sleeves make a huge rise in popularity. These sleeves flow out for the length of the arm, before coming in at the wrist. They offer a billowy romantic look that brides are living for. They also offer a jaw-dropping dramatic look when brides opt for larger, more prominent sleeves. The great thing about the bishop sleeves trend is that even if a gown you love doesn’t have them, you can always add them on during alterations!

Transformation Pieces

Adding a transformation piece to your gown is a way to get two looks in one, and our 2021 brides are loving their versatility! A transformational piece can be anything from a detachable skirt to convertible sleeves. These items allow you to have one look for the ceremony, and one for the reception. This is a great way to get more bang for your buck if you want multiple looks but don’t want to commit to two gowns.


Texture. Texture. Texture. Our 2021 brides are loving texture on both their gowns and their veils. Feathering, screen sprinted laces, sparkles, and beading are all huge with brides right now. Choosing a gown or veil with modern patterning and dimension is sure to be a smash hit. These details add depth, create movement, and catch the light – all things that are guaranteed to make your gown photograph beautifully.


The perfect way to add a feminine sultry touch to your gown. Brides are loving the playful slits featured in 2021 gowns. This design element is refreshingly youthful and offers some great photo ops. In addition to slits on more fitted dresses, brides are also opting for fuller ballgowns with slits as a fun peekaboo when they move around.

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