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Ten Things Brides Tend to Forget on Their Wedding Day


If you’re currently in the throes of wedding planning, we’re sure you’re familiar with the ever-growing list of things to coordinate ahead of the big day. Big-ticket     items like reserving the venue,      finding the dress, and picking your bridal party are at the front of every bride’s mind, but smaller things can easily be overlooked.

With so many moving pieces, it’s completely understandable when small details fall through the cracks along the way. We’re here to help you remember all of the little things that will make your day go as smoothly as possible.

1. Accessories

With the focus usually being on the wedding dress, it’s not uncommon for brides to forget about the accessories until the last minute. Don’t forget to coordinate the rest of your look with bridal hair accessories, undergarments, a garter, shoes, the veil, and jewelry. Consider whether you’ll need a cape or wrap if you’re getting married during the cooler seasons.

Although the gown is undoubtedly the main attraction, every part of your look will be heavily featured in pictures, so you’ll want to make sure you give yourself time to pick out the perfect bridal accessories.

2. Small Details for the Photographer

Your wedding photographer will want to get pictures of all the “little things” on your wedding day. Be sure to have everything that you want included in the detail shots available to be photographed. Common wedding detail shot items include the invitation suite, rings (consider bringing the boxes!), nameplates     , napkins, programs, and welcome bags. You put a lot of time into each aspect of your wedding, so make sure you have photos to cherish the small details forever!

3. The Wedding Day Game Plan

Don’t be left scrambling on your wedding day! Although everyone knows the general plan of ceremony then reception, it’s important to time out the rest of the day in order to keep everything on schedule. Include time to get ready, bridal portraits, wedding party photos, and transportation in your wedding day timeline. Share the timeline with your photographer and wedding party to ensure smooth sailing! New call-to-action

4. Comfortable Shoes

After the ceremony and photos are complete, many brides like to slip into more comfortable shoes for the reception. Consider bringing a change of shoes or cushioned inserts for your heels so that you can comfortably dance the night away!

5. The Bustle

Planning on wearing your wedding dress through the reception? Be sure that someone in your bridal party knows how to bustle your dress! Bustles can be intricate, and you most likely won’t be able to reach it yourself while wearing the gown. Make sure a bridesmaid knows how to work the bustle so there are no hold ups when the time comes to pin it up. 

6. Food!

With hair, makeup, and pictures happening in the morning, brides often forget to eat! You won’t want to wait until the reception to have your first meal of the day. Coordinate with a family member or your wedding planner to bring food for you and your wedding party to snack on while you get ready. 

7. Transportation for the Newlyweds

Oftentimes brides and grooms forget to arrange a ride for their post-reception departure. Make sure you aren’t left calling an Uber in your wedding dress! Whether you’re headed to your hotel, home, or the airport, have a ride established for you and your new partner ahead of time. Don’t forget the “Just Married” sign for your ride!

8. Gathering Important Items Post-Reception

At the end of the night, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is rounding up your keepsakes. If there’s anything that you want to save from the reception, be sure that you have a designated family member to take everything home. Alternatively, some venues will collect everything for you to pick up the next day if you arrange it ahead of time. Consider decorations, your bouquet, cards, gifts, the cake knife, guest books, and any other items     that you’ll want to have forever.New call-to-action

9. The Marriage License

The reason for the wedding! Don’t forget to obtain your marriage license prior to your wedding day and be sure to bring it with you. The requirements for marriage licenses vary from state to state, but some have a 1-5 day waiting period, so don’t wait until the last minute. Check with your City Clerk for requirements and don’t forget to file your license after the ceremony! 

10. Taking it all in

After months of coordinating every detail, your friends and family will finally gather to celebrate you and your new spouse. With all of the moving pieces and excitement, your wedding day will fly by faster than you expect! Make sure you take the time to enjoy this amazing day with your new lifelong partner.


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