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Why You Don’t Want to See Every Wedding Dress in Town


For many brides, bridal gown shopping is the most fun part of wedding planning. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your exact wedding dress since you were a kid, or you have no clue where to start, Adorn Nashville Bridal Shop is here to help find the perfect dress for you!

A wedding gown is both a large and unique purchase. While trying on every dress you possibly can may be tempting, it can get out of hand quickly. Seeing endless dresses may sound like fun, but too many options can create issues when it comes time to commit to one dress. Check out our advice on how to avoid analysis paralysis when shopping for your wedding dress!

More choices, more problems!

Too many choices can lead to confusion, doubt, and ultimately disheartened brides. If you try on too many gowns, it’s easy for the dresses to blend together into a sea of ivory in your memory. Brides who insist on trying on endless dresses can often forget which gowns they liked along the way, and what they were looking for in the first place.

Don’t overbook

With a typical bridal appointment lasting around 90 minutes, it can get exhausting going from appointment to appointment if you overbook yourself. Hurrying between stores can turn something that should be a magical experience into a chore for both you and your entourage. On average, brides visit three salons while shopping for their dress. We suggest you visit no more than three to four shops. Do some research and make appointments at the bridal shops you like the most. Keep the number of salons down and keep everyone’s spirits up.New call-to-action

Less is more

Our stylists recommend that you try on no more than 6 wedding dresses at each salon. It’s easy to have the number of gowns add up in the fun of shopping, but that number can quickly become unmanageable. Trying on a ton of wedding gowns back to back, especially in a short period of time, is bound to leave brides confused and overwhelmed.

Give it some thought

Before coming to the store, try to narrow down a general idea of what you’re looking for in your wedding dress. If you have reference pictures and descriptions, your stylist will be better equipped to hit the ground running and pull gowns that you’re sure to love. If you aren’t sure what you want, no worries! We’re experts at helping brides find the perfect gown for their wedding day.

Scratch all itches

Try to scratch whatever itches you have at your first appointment! Even if you think you might want a bridal gown with sleeves, try on a dress with sleeves on right away so you know what direction to go in for the rest of the appointment. This will leave you confident that you made the right decision and aren’t missing out on any dress styles.

Leave time to revisit

Limiting the number of wedding dresses you try on at each store ensures that you have enough time to get back into gowns that you loved throughout the appointment. A second look at your favorite wedding dress with the addition of a veil is a must when finding your perfect dress!

Have a blast

Lastly, have fun with it. Wedding dress shopping is a once in a lifetime experience and a memory that you’ll cherish forever. What matters the most is finding a dress to marry your best friend in that makes you comfortable and confident.New call-to-action

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