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Wedding Day Gifts for Your Groom

By Adorn Nashville September 4, 2020 For Your Groom

As newlyweds, you and your groom are sure to receive a considerable number of gifts from loved ones, but have you thought about what you might give each other on the big day? ! It is a time-honored tradition for the bride and groom to exchange gifts on the morning of the wedding, or in the days leading up to it. Typically, this gift is a meaningful keepsake that your groom will cherish forever or something that they will be able to use on the day of the wedding.


Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, and this can be especially true when trying to find the perfect gift for such an important day in your relationship. To make things easier, Adorn has put together a list of gift ideas for your newlywed gift exchange:


Customized Handkerchief

A personalized handkerchief is a classic groom present! Typically, these will include a note from you embroidered on the inside with your wedding date. Getting a loving note from you memorialized is a sweet gift that he will be able to use on the wedding day and during future formal affairs. This idea can also be done with the back of a tie if he’s wearing one! This can be done by hand, or by your local embroidery shop.


Splurge on a Drink of Choice

If your spouse enjoys spirits, consider gifting him a nice bottle of champagne , whiskey, gin, or whichever beverage he enjoys. This is an especially good gift if he doesn’t usually splurge on items like this. You two can use this bottle to cheers to your new future together. Alternatively, if he decides to share it with his groomsmen on the day of the wedding, they’ll love both the gift and you for getting it!


Wedding Band Engravement

Surprise your groom with a message on the inside of his wedding band! Since the groom doesn’t traditionally wear a ring prior to the wedding, you should be able to sneak it to the jeweler to get an engravement done. This could be a cute note from you, an inside joke, the wedding date, or just an “I love you.” This is an especially nice touch if your groom has chosen a more traditional wedding band, as this will make it sentimental for both of you.



A timeless tradition. Write your groom a heartfelt letter to read the morning of the wedding before you walk down the aisle or have your first look. If you want to memorialize this letter to turn it into more of a permanent keepsake, consider getting it framed. A sentimental gift like this sets the stage for the day and the big moment of walking down the aisle, not to mention this is a special moment to capture in your wedding photos or video. .


A Watch

Watches are a classic go-to gift for men on any occasion. This present gives the groom something that he can wear on your wedding day and beyond! Consider getting a sweet message engraved on the back to make the gift more sentimental for the occasion. This will be something that he will appreciate both on the wedding day and in the years to come.


A Boudoir Photo Album

If you’re comfortable with this option, your groom is guaranteed to love this gift! Coordinate with your photographer to have a secret boudoir photo album created. This will be an intimate keepsake that you can share with your groom on the morning of the wedding or on your honeymoon.


While the gift exchange is traditional, it is entirely optional, and you and your groom should celebrate your special day however you want to! If you do opt to participate in the bride and groom gift exchange, you’ll have a cherished keepsake to remind you of your wedding day in the years to come.

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