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How to Avoid the Post-Wedding Blues

Post Wedding Blues


The post-wedding blues are a typically unexpected sad feeling that many couples experience once their wedding is over and the excitement of planning has ended. This is a totally normal thing to feel! You’ve just spent a ton of time and money leading up to a super happy celebration that is now over. Falling into a funk after your wedding is more common than you may think, but you don’t have to let the post-wedding blues sneak up on you. Feeling a little sad about it is completely fine, however, we’re sharing some tips on how to avoid that feeling or help it pass quickly!

Have a post-wedding brunch

Hosting a brunch the morning after your wedding lets you debrief from the night before and soak everything in. Your wedding day will be a whirlwind but waking up the next morning and spending some more quality time with your guests will help you process the day! You might be excited to jet off to your honeymoon, but if you’re worried about the weekend being a blur, consider making time to share breakfast with your friends and family.

Spread the honeymoon out

Rather than going on your honeymoon the morning after your wedding, give yourself and your new spouse some time to process the big day. Jumping onto a plane the morning after your wedding may sound fun, but you’re going to be emotionally exhausted so take some time to recharge! This will also give you another thing to look forward to that’s separated from the wedding day itself.

Talk to your spouse

If you’re feeling like you’re in a funk because the wedding is over, definitely speak to your spouse about it. They may be feeling the same way! Talking it out will allow the two of you to figure out how to support each other while you’re feeling down. You may even feel that just talking it through makes you feel worlds better right away.

Save your gifts!

People will probably be sending you gifts off of your registry for the entire year leading up to your wedding but consider holding off on opening them! It may be hard to stop yourself but waiting can create even more fun. Opening all of your new housewarming presents at once with your new spouse after the wedding is a huge mood lifter and will be a super fun activity for you to do as a newly married couple.

Plan something fun

Whether it’s a fun date night or your next vacation, try taking on the task of planning your next outing! Part of what brings on the post-wedding blues is all of the time you have on your hands now that you aren’t planning the wedding 24/7. Filling that time by planning other things you can look forward to is a good idea if the planning process was something you enjoyed and now miss.

Go through your wedding photos

Once your wedding gallery is ready, there will be a ton of photos to go through. Make a night of it! Sit down with your new spouse and take in all of your treasured memories. You’re sure to shed a few happy tears and share some laughs at the dancefloor pictures. Even though the day is over, you’ll always have these pictures to commemorate it!

Family time

Between the planning and showers and celebrations, you probably spent way more time than usual with your family leading up to your wedding. Once the celebrations stop, you may also fall back into seeing them less which can exacerbate your post-wedding blues. You don’t need an occasion to continue surrounding yourself with your loved ones! If you love spending time with your parents and or siblings, make sure you carve out some family time if you’re feeling down.

Keep in mind that your wedding is not the same as your marriage! Your wedding was simply the event you hosted in order to marry your best friend. Although it’s sad that it’s over, you get to develop a beautiful marriage with your new spouse. The post-wedding blues typically only last a few months, so try some of these fun activities and hang in there!

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