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12 Sweet Ways to Include Your Mom on Your Wedding Day

By Adorn Bridal February 26, 2021 Wedding Day


For many brides, their mother is someone who is near and dear to their heart. Typically, their mom is also a big help with wedding planning! After everything she’s done for you, it’s only natural that you’d want to thank her on your big day. From giving her a special nod during the ceremony to classic gifts, we’re sharing 12 sweet ways to include your mom on your wedding day!


1. Wear a keepsake of hers.

Something like a piece of your mom’s jewelry or the veil from her own wedding is the perfect “something borrowed” that incorporates your mom into your wedding day look.


2. Gift her something special.

Giving your mom a thoughtful gift on your wedding day is a great way to thank her for everything she’s done. Something like a necklace with a quote on it is always appreciated and she can even wear it on the wedding day! Another idea is to give her a nice frame that will eventually hold a picture of the two of you from the wedding day – this is sure to warm her heart.


3. Have her get ready with you.

You’ll be with your bridesmaids throughout the morning before your wedding ceremony, but make sure your mom is there too! If you’re having everyone’s hair and/or makeup professionally done, it’s a super sweet gesture to treat your mom to a hair and makeup session as well. She deserves to feel beautiful all day!


4. Take a first look picture.

Traditionally, brides do a grand first look reveal with their groom or father but try taking one with your mom! She’ll be just as emotional (if not more!) seeing you all dolled up for the first time. Alternatively, snap some pics with her zipping you up in your dress.


5. For the grooms – let her pin your boutonniere.

Have the mother of the groom pin his boutonniere once he’s ready! This makes for a very sweet photo op between the mother and her son and allows for a sweet moment between the two of them. Mothers don’t always get to see their sons before they walk down the aisle, so she’s sure to appreciate this moment.


6. Have her stand out.

Asking your mom to coordinate with the bridal party is a great way to make her feel more included on your wedding day. A dress that coordinates in color to the bridesmaids gowns, or is in a similar style is a great option. You can also give her a corsage to wear that coordinates with the wedding flowers!


7. Give her a shout out in the programs.

Adding a message to the bottom of your programs is a great way to thank your mom for all of her help. Writing something funny like “marriage made possible by Mother’s Name” or a sweet message like “A special thanks to Mother’s Name for all of her help in planning today’s event” is sure to make her feel appreciated and bring a tear to her eye.


8. Have her perform a reading.

During the ceremony, ask your mom to perform a reading that’s special to her. This is a super special moment during the ceremony and she’ll be happy to be part of getting you married!


9. Set aside mother-daughter time.

Allot some time before you depart for the ceremony for you and your mom to sit together. You can use this time to talk, thank her, say a prayer, or just enjoy each other’s company before you are to walk down the aisle and say your vows. You’ll be predictably busy for the remainder of the day, so this will probably be the only one on one time you have together during your wedding. You’ll both be glad you took a minute to take it all in together!

10. Display some memories.

Having a display of old photos from your parents wedding is a great way to honor them! You can do this with both your parents and your fiance’s parents wedding pictures. People will love taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the resemblance you have to your mom on your own wedding day.

11. Mother-Daughter Dance.

The father-daughter dance is traditional, but you can add in a mother-daughter dance as well! Dedicate a song to your mother during the dances so that the two of you can share a special moment in front of your closest friends and family. You can make it sweet or choreograph something fun for the two of you.

12. Speech!

If you’re saying a few words during the reception, be sure to give your mom a special shout out. She probably spent a ton of time helping you plan the wedding, so a public thank you at the event she helped so much with will mean the world to her. If your new mother-in-law was a huge help, be sure to give her thanks as well!

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