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25 Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Men are not notoriously easy to shop for, so you and your groom may find yourselves stumped when it comes to picking out the perfect groomsmen gifts! To help, we’ve put together a list of our top 25 groomsmen gift ideas to help get you inspired for your own group gifts. The best part is that these can be used for groomsmen proposal boxes or as a day-of present.

  1. Personalized toiletry bags. This is the type of gift that you don’t know you need but can’t live without once you have one! These toiletry bags are perfect for travel (especially to a wedding!) and can be ordered customized on Etsy.

  2. Cufflinks. Gifts that your groomsmen can wear are always a winner, especially if they can wear the item to the wedding. These don’t have to be expensive to look great.

  3. Flasks. A perfect gift if your wedding party loves to party! If you want to keep the gift nicer, leatherbound flasks are a great option.

  4. Alcohol. A nice bottle of bourbon, gin, or whatever their favorite libation is will always be appreciated. If you want to keep the gift uniform for the whole party, everyone loves a celebratory bottle of champagne.

  5. Bottle opener. Practical gifts are always appreciated – and this is a gift that’s sure to come in handy during a weekend of celebrations.

  6. Nice socks. This gift is especially nice if you want your wedding party to wear fun socks the day of the wedding.

  7. Tie clip. Gifting the groomsmen tie clips to wear the day of the wedding can offer an additional level of cohesiveness to the group’s look. It’s also a gift that can be enjoyed by the groomsmen in future weddings, interviews, and more!

  8. Whiskey glasses. If your crew enjoys whiskey, they’re sure to appreciate a set of nice whiskey glasses.

  9. Cigars. Gifting your group with nice cigars at the wedding is a thoughtful gesture. You can even break them out to enjoy together after the ceremony is over and it’s time to celebrate.

  10. Watches. A pricier, but classic option! Your groomsmen can even wear the matching watches to the wedding.

  11. Moscow mule mugs. Copper mugs are a fun gift that will make a great addition to your groomsmen’s bars and bar carts at home!

  12. Money clip. Money clips come in handy, especially at formal events if you don’t want to lug around a full wallet. You can even have these personalized with your groomsmen’s’ names.

  13. Personalized bobble head. This hilarious gift can be found on Esty. Who wouldn’t love to open a mini bobble head version of themselves? These typically take a while to create and ship, so plan ahead!

  14. Catch all tray. A catch all tray typically sits at the entrance of a home to catch things like keys, wallets, and sunglasses as you come in the door. It’s a super useful gift that they’re sure to get a ton of use out of!

  15. Swiss army knife. If your group appreciates gifts that have some utility, this is a perfect option!

  16. Beer growler. Elevate this gift by filling the growlers with beer local to your wedding location!

  17. Ties. This is a classic gift option for any man. If you go this route, be sure to specify whether or not you want the groomsmen to wear this tie to the wedding!

  18. Straight razor. Your groomsmen will never have a closer shave! If they’re not familiar with straight razor shaving, it can be nice to gift them with a full kit, including shaving cream, a brush, a case for the razor, etc.

  19. Bar tool set. A typical set includes a cocktail shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, tongs, and a jigger. You can buy these items separately or as a kit and they’ll be ready to make some celebratory cocktails!

  20. Zippo Lighter. As far as lighters go, Zippos can be a little on the pricey side, however they come with a lifetime warranty and can be personalized.

  21. Shoe bag. Whether your groomsmen are into golfing, going to the gym, basketball, or anything else that requires a change of clothes and/or shoes, a shoe bag can be a lifesaver.

  22. Custom coasters. Upgrade your friends’ coasters to something nicer! These could be leather coasters or acrylic coasters customized with their initials.

  23. Attire Rentals. If you’re requiring groomsmen to wear tuxes or suits, you may consider covering the cost of their rentals as a gift to the group. This isn’t standard practice, so they’re sure to appreciate this!

  24. Stainless Steel Coozie. Stainless steel coozies are outrank foam ones because they do a superior job at keeping drinks cold. They’ll never go back!

  25. A picture of you two. This is a more sentimental option. Gift your groomsmen with a picture of the two of you along with a note thanking them for being in your wedding party. This is sure to get everyone in a sentimental mood prior to the wedding!
Regardless of what you get your groomsmen, they’re sure to appreciate you having them by your side on such an important day. If you’re still stumped, we recommend browsing Etsy for personalized gift options!


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