Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Groom

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Now that you have your ring, it’s time to get one for your groom! When it comes to the groom’s wedding band, he probably has a general idea on what he wants the ring to look like, however, there is a lot to consider when it comes to this purchase. Don’t underestimate this task, because a lot more goes into buying a men’s wedding band than most people think!

The abundant wedding band options can be overwhelming, so we’ve provided the information you’ll need to consider when getting your spouse the perfect ring for their lifestyle below.


Matching Wedding Bands

Matching Bands

Bands don’t necessarily have to match! If you and your spouse have different preferences on metals, but you still want to match, you can always coordinate smaller aspects of the ring. Consider choosing the same finish, detailing, engravings, etc. to tie them in with each other.


Wedding Band Width


Wedding bands can be customized to come in any size, however, the standard stock sizes are: slim (4mm), medium (6mm) or wide (8mm). Slimmer bands tend to be more cost effective, especially with more expensive metals. Wider fits tend to look better on grooms with larger hands.

Titanium Wedding Band


It’s important to pick a ring material that suits both your style and lifestyle needs. Each metal can withstand a different level of wear and tear, so if you work with your hands a lot, it’s important to consider that when picking band material.

  • Platinum: These bands are typically the top of the line due to their extreme durability. They are also hypoallergenic. Platinum tends to be the most expensive option.
  • Titanium: This a scratch resistant, lightweight, and low maintenance ring option has a similar look to platinum for less cost. Titanium rings cannot typically be resized, so be sure to be vigilant when ordering the ring size!
  • Stainless Steel: These wedding bands are popular due to their strength and affordability. Stainless steel rings offer a sturdy and modern band.
  • Gold: A classic option that comes in yellow, white, and rose. Although gold is a softer metal, it’s typically durable enough for everyday normal wear and tear. Gold rings can easily be resized if needed over time.
  • Silver: While much most cost effective than platinum or titanium, silver rings require the most upkeep as they can scratch easily.

Wedding Band Fit..


Although you can find an endless variety of different options, the most commonly used fits include the following:

  • Curved Edges: This ring fit features soft edges on both sides of the ring. This provides the most comfortable fit in everyday wear.
  • Flat Edges: This look features sharp right-angle edges on both sides of the ring. This offers a more modern and unique look.
  • Domed or D Shape: These rings are curved on the outside edge but flat on the finger for a closer fit.

Hammered Wedding Band



The finish, aka how the chosen metal is made to look, has quite a few options! The most commonly offered finishes can be found below:

  • Polished: The most traditional look with shiny finish
  • Matte: Provides an understated, modern look without shine
  • Combination: Utilizes both polished and matte finishes in different patterns on the ring
  • Hammered: Features a literal hammered metal effect for a unique look.
  • Detailing: Includes a gem or line of gems in the design of the ring for extra bling
  • Engraving: Small engraved patters on the outside of the ring can be used to create a unique design.

There are more options than ever for men’s wedding bands, so be sure to leave you and your groom plenty of time to shop around! You’ll want to evaluate all of the options and leave time for custom orders to be made if necessary. After all, he’ll be wearing this ring forever!


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