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2023 Bridal Dress Trends

At Adorn Bridal, we love to keep our brides up to date with the hottest, most beautiful, bridal trends of the new year, fresh from the runway. Working closely with our designers at bridal markets across the globe, our team hand-selects a collection of wedding gowns curated specially for the Adorn Bride. From elaborate ballgowns to sleek and structured, minimal dresses, we’ve got the inside scoop on our top four trends, fresh for the stylish bride!

Angular Necklines

While soft, sweetheart necklines will always be a bridal staple, designers are taking a sharp turn this season with more angular, pointed bodices. Often strapless, we tell our brides not to fear! Packed with support, these necklines offer a modern twist to showing off the collarbone.

Over the Top Ballgowns

Want to feel like a royal on your wedding day? This season of ballgowns has you covered! From larger-than-life floral appliques to exquisitely textured fabrics, our designers are the epitome of indulgence. Fit to make you feel like a queen, these gowns make a statement.

Big Sleeves, Bigger Personality

The drama of the 80’s are back, but in a very modern way. This season, our designers and brides are loving exaggerated sleeves to bring a little extra drama (and coverage) to their bridal looks. Plus, designers have finally taken the hint and made most sleeves detachable for extra mobility to dance the night away.

Playful Slits

Subtly sultry, slitted wedding dresses are our top request for 2023! Not only do you have a little extra room for boogying down at the reception, but it might be the one opportunity for you to show off your shoes during your big day.

At Adorn Nashville, we help over 1,000 brides on their journey to finding their dream dress every year. And while we are passionate about adorning our brides in the latest trends, what truly matters is how you feel in the dress. This is your day! We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and truly authentic. Empowered brides are the best brides.

Article as published in YOUR Williamsamson Winter 2023/Distintively Southern Weddings Issue.

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