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2022 Bridal Dress Trends

2022 is going to be one of the biggest wedding years the industry has seen in a while, and the trends are shaping up to be some of our favorites! Interested to see what’s “in” this year? Check out our take on 2022’s biggest bridal trends below:

3D Florals

Three-dimensional floral motifs have been a staple in bridal fashion for years, however, the most recent use of them has really made the embellishments come to life. These design elements add texture and movement that make brides feel elevated, modern, and most of all, romantic. If you’re getting married in a garden or looking to add a soft fairytale element to your day, this is the design element for you.

Fluffy Sleeves

Modern-day twists on classic voluminous sleeves have become increasingly popular as 2022 collections have been released! Fluffy sleeves are a striking way to make a grand, regal, and indulgent statement. If you loved the looks in Bridgerton or are just looking to develop a regency-era inspired look, puffy sleeves are a great way to achieve that!

High Neck

We’ve seen more and more influencers opting for modest necklines in the new year! In 2021 stars like Paris Hilton and Lily Collins both came out in gorgeous high neck gowns that we were completely in awe of. This modest design feature offers opportunities for the gown to be subtly sexy in other ways, which creates a look that’s both timeless and chic from head to toe.

Square Necklines

Anyone who has been wedding dress shopping in the last year is sure to have seen a ton of square neckline designs popping up! These super flattering necklines are perfect for brides with a modern but classic vision for their bridal look. The square shaped necklines are super versatile and can work with dramatic satin, glamorous sparkles, or ethereal bohemian styles.

Voluminous Ruffles

If you’re into feminine maximalism, you’ll be happy to hear that voluminous ruffles are huge this year! This romantic design element adds an airy dimension that contrasts perfectly with more tailored bodices. Tiered tulle skirts with deep texture detailing provide a sculptural silhouette to the gown while also adding tons of movement.

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