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Essential Wedding Day Reminders

Wedding Day

Leading up to your wedding you’ll have all of the major details of the day figured out, so we’re here to help with the tiny stuff that many brides don’t consider! A few small things can really have a big positive impact on your overall wedding day experience. Read through these quick tips ahead of your big day, they may end up coming in handy!

1. Walk slowly

We’re sure you’ve heard that your wedding day is going to be a blur, and that’s because it’s true! So, when you’re walking down the aisle, take your time. Breathe and take in the moment. You don’t want to rush through it! Take your time coming back down as a married couple as well. This will allow you to see all of the smiling faces of your loved ones and your photographer will appreciate the extra time to snap pictures.

2. Bouquet handoff

Once you get to the alter, make sure you immediately hand your bouquet to your Maid of Honor. Most importantly, make sure you grab it back from her before you and your new spouse head up the aisle! (MoHs – be sure to remind her if she forgets in the moment!)

3. Avoid the officiant photobomb

Prior to the wedding day, ask your officiant to step aside during your first kiss. This way they won’t be right behind you and your new spouse in all of your first kiss pictures. Make sure you give them a reminder on the morning of the wedding just in case they forget.

4. Drag out the kiss

This is your first kiss as a married couple, make it a good one! Holding the kiss for a few extra seconds makes sure that your photographer can get that iconic shot. Don’t be afraid to go in for a second one if you want to.

5. Stay nourished

It’s absolutely essential that you are eating and staying hydrated throughout the day, especially prior to the ceremony. It’s easy to forget to eat and drink in the midst of getting ready and champagne toasts, but you don’t want to end up dizzy or nauseous during your ceremony. Have drinks and food in your bridal suite to make it easy for yourself and your bridal party.

6. Bring hair ties

We’ve all accidentally left a hair tie on our wrist during a picture, but make sure you don’t make that mistake on your wedding day! Triple check that you aren’t still sporting a hair tie on your wrist before heading to your ceremony spot. It’s best to avoid wearing them on your wrist at all that day as they are prone to leaving indents.

7. Lower your bouquet

Make sure that while walking down the aisle and taking pictures you are holding your bouquet low. Many brides naturally want to hold their bouquet at their chest, but you’ll be covering up the beautiful details of your gown. Try to hold your bouquet at your belly button or right below it if you have a bigger arrangement of flowers. Your guests and your photographers want an unblocked view of your beautiful face!

8. Carve out alone time

Try and plan for a few minutes to be alone with your new spouse and take in the fact that you are married! All of your guests will be itching for time with you once the reception begins, so take a moment to enjoy time with just the two of you. It can also be good to grab a bite together before the reception since you’ll probably be running around during it!

9. Thank your guests

Your guests dedicated time and funds to celebrate your new marriage, so it’s a nice gesture to thank them during dinner or dancing! If you’re not a fan of public speaking it doesn’t have to be long, it can be a quick thank you over the mic at the conclusion of speeches.

10. Pace yourself

You’ll probably be raising a glass in celebration several times throughout the night, but make sure you’re pacing yourself with drinks! It can be easy to get carried away, especially if you’re hosting an open bar. Make sure you’ll be able to remember all of the wonderful memories you’re creating and swap your drinks for water a few times throughout the night.

11. Have a comfy plan B outfit

It’s a good idea to pack a change of shoes or clothes for the reception. Even if you’re planning on wearing your wedding dress throughout the night, you may find that it’s harder to dance in than you originally anticipated. Because of this, it can be nice to have a plan B dress or jumpsuit on hand just in case. You’re also going to be in heels all day, so packing a change of shoes can come in handy as well.

If you want to keep your wedding dress on but you don’t want to wear heels during the reception, pack a pair of platform sandals that are about the same height as your bridal shoes. This way you can enjoy a comfier option that most people won’t even see because of your floor length dress, and your hemline won’t drag on the ground!

The biggest tip of all is of course to enjoy your wedding day and don’t sweat the small stuff if things don’t go as planned. In 20 years, you won’t remember tiny things that went wrong, you’ll only remember the fact that you married your partner surrounded by your absolute favorite people.

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