Ways You Can Include Your Dog on Your Wedding Day

By Adorn Bridal August 20, 2020 Wedding Day

Your wedding day will be a celebration involving everyone you love, so it only makes sense that you’d want to include your furry best friend! After all, they’ve already signed up to spend their lives with you and your partner. There are endless ways to include your dog on your big day, but they will require more prep than any of your other guests. Read our tips on how to include your pup on your wedding day below!

On the job?

One of the first things you’ll want to decide is how involved your dog will be on the wedding day. Are they a guest of honor or do they have a role in the ceremony? You’ll want to consider your pet’s obedience level when making this decision. We love the idea of a flower pup, but would your good boy be able to make it all the way down the aisle without getting distracted? Think about what your pup is good at before deciding whether they should be in the ceremony or just a guest!

Practice makes perfect

If your pup has a role in the wedding, it’s important to practice! Try setting up some mock ceremonies to teach your dog what they’ll be doing on the big day. If possible, bring your pet to the ceremony location the day before the wedding and let them sniff around. If they’re familiar with the location, they’ll be more likely to follow instructions rather than exploring a new area when the ceremony begins.


Wedding days can be long, especially if your pup is used to lounging around the house all day. Consider how long you’ll be able to keep your pooch at the wedding before they start to get antsy. Whether your dog is only making an appearance for pictures, the ceremony, or both, you’ll want to create a game plan ahead of time. With drinking, dancing, and music being commonplace at receptions, it may be overwhelming for an animal, and you might want to consider sending them home before the party begins.

Designated sitter

It’s essential that you designate someone to be the dog’s caretaker throughout the wedding day. You’ll be busy marrying your other best friend, so someone else will need to walk them down the aisle, take them for potty breaks, bring them home, etc. This person will also be responsible for keeping water, treats, toys, food, and bags on hand for when your pet is in need. Make sure your furry friend is in good hands to avoid any pet-related stresses on your wedding day.


Everyone will be pulling out their best looks for your wedding, and your dog should be no exception! There are endless options when it comes to dog formalwear that will have your pup looking dapper on your big day. While doggie tuxedos are a classic option, bow tie collars, floral leashes, and skirts are also great formalwear for your furry friend. Just make sure that they’re able to go to the bathroom in whatever outfit you decide on!

Heads up

If you’ve officially decided to include your dog on your big day, you’ll want to give your guests and vendors a heads up! Allowing vendors to create a pet-friendly environment and allowing guests with allergies to plan ahead is critical. It’s also important to double check with your venue on whether or not they allow pets on site.


Although the benefits of having your dog with you on your wedding day are extensive, there are also inherent risks with inviting a furry guest. Barking during inopportune times, jumping on you or guests with dirty paws, and getting into the reception food are all situations that you’ll need to prepare for. At the end of the day, pets can be unpredictable, so be ready to roll with unexpected situations!


If your furry friend can’t make it to your actual wedding, there are lots of ways that you can honor them on the big day! Instead of being part of the wedding day photos, consider including your pup in your engagement photo session. Offering a themed drink named after your pet or utilizing a wedding cake topper featuring your animal are fun ways to include your dog on the wedding day from afar.

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